Powerful multi-layer structure hollow board,
Save installation cost
Rich choice of hollow structure,
Meet the requirements of light and high strength daylighting
U-shaped lock plate,
Improve the integration degree of construction project system
Solid lock system with auxiliary rib design,
High load, effective leak proof
Simple splicing structure design,
Make installation easier
Major Products & Services
Application Cases
Applied in Architectural Lighting
Applied in Agricultural Greenhouses
Applied in Advertising signs
Applied in Industrial security
Applied in Traffic sound insulation
Applied in Processing industry and products
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The modern new material technology has triggered the infinite dreams of the human. Your whimsical ideas have been made by the large number of applications of emerging functional thermoplastic materials; Gensin's innovative technology provides creative power for designers in the fields of architecture, space,new agriculture and advertising. So that everyone can feel the perfect and healthy future life.

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